Love letters to no one in particular

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‘The writer, his tired eyes gliding over the drawings, over the love letters to no one in particular, tried to ease his conscience by thinking of all the moments in life he fretted away not writing, all those hours of fitful sleep, all those hours of waiting for doors to open, tying and untying shoelaces, cycling, counting items on his fingers, cutting up and then eating slices of pizza, putting on gloves, looking at birds, looking at fish, looking at statues, and raising drinks to his ever-demanding, ever-quivering lips.  

The writer’s best defence for his work, his only defence in fact, was not in what he had expressed, but in all those things he had granted the right to be let alone.’

Love letters to no one in particular is a book of drawings by artist and illustrator Joost Stokhof, detailing the big and small everyday moments of life and introduced with an essayistic piece of writing by Jeroen van Honk.

Drawings by Joost Stokhof

Text by Jeroen van Honk

80 pages softcover

13.5 x 18cm

Printed on a RISO RZ1070E, hand bound and numberen in Amsterdam

Dustcover printed and laminated by Raddraaier in Amsterdam


Published by Otherwhere

Edition of 30

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