A Literary Ritual

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‘Every writer needs what we might call a fifth floor. It is tempting for the author to pull on every thread and theme in the text and weave it all into some majestic web. The denser the web, though, the less it comes to resemble our actual lives. The worst novels are those in which everyone in the invented world lives on the fifth floor, in which every word has symbolic weight, in which names are always deterministic. Writing, as many have suggested, is a refusal to accept the cruel randomness of this here world. What gives authors the right to clean up that mess?’

A Literary Ritual is a novella about working in the office morphing into a novella about not-working in the office, including all the nonwork antics that accompany this shift. It reads like an experiment aiming to show what literature looks like when it simultaneously loves and hates itself. Like half of the books on your shelves, it deals with a young man who drinks and talks of books and music and politics, as young men are wont to do. Unlike half of the books on your shelves, it deals with the irresistible urge to kick some body in the face.

By Jeroen van Honk

160 pages softcover

11cm x 18cm

Printed on a RISO RZ1070E in black, hand bound and numbered by Otherwhere. Dustcover printed by Otherwhere and laminated by Raddraaier in Amsterdam.


Published by Otherwhere

Edition of 50

This item is sold out

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