• What's in the making... Architecture with architects
    What's in the making... Architecture with architects

    What’s in the making… is a manifesto of the extensiveness that is ‘architecture’. A new generation of architects prove there is simply no linear or even manageable way of showcasing the craft and art of building. The variety ...

    € 24,00
  • We Are Frightened
    We Are Frightened

    We Are Frightened is a collection of short stories, poetry and illustrations by author Zack McDonald and illustrator Zorica Radovic from Portland, United States.

    € 16,00
  • Hollow as Legs
    Hollow as Legs

    ‘Antique hexes and dead childhood dreams are revived in the mouth of a raging Connecticut snowstorm. Hollow as Legs dwells in the pre-math of an apocalypse, where an algal bloom is turning the infected into hair-covered…

    € 14,00
  • Internal Monologue #303
    Internal Monologue #303

    A We Are Frightened tote bag featuring one of 48 illustrations by Zorica Radovic for Zack McDonald's collection of short stories We Are Frightened.

    € 4,00
  • Slippery

    Slippery is a graphic story about Der and Eulb by Scott Carr from New York, United States. Printed onto a double-sided poster and translated into various languages by Google its become ambiguous in its telling.

    € 3,00
  • Pearl

    Pearl is a story about a moment of clarity and the transient, written by Tom Phillips from London, UK. Pearl is the second in the 9x13 series.

    € 3,00
  • Theo

    Theo is a story about heartache and lizards written by Siemen Ingelse from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Theo is the first in the 9x13 series.

    € 3,00
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